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Joining Kvinnherad Bibliotek – Information for new prospective users

Library cards

With a library card you will have the key to knowledge and experiences that are totally free of charge. You will be able to borrow books, talking books, games and dvds, as well as e-books. In addition you will have access to «Meirope bibliotek» outside normal library hours.

Library regulations – apply both in the library at Husnes and the mobile library

  • Obtaining a library card is free of charge.
  • Please show proof of identification on joining.
  • You can choose between a local and a national library card. The local may only be used at Kvinnherad bibliotek, while you can use the national card all over the country. If you would like a national card you will have to provide your personal number.
  • Everyone below the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian`s signature on the application.
  • Do not forget to inform us of any change of address, phone number etc.
  • If you loose your card the price of a new one is kr 25,-.

Loan periods

  • The loan periods for books, talking books and magazines is 4 weeks. Dvds may be borrowed for 1 week.
  • All loans can be renewed as long as there is no waiting list, either by phone on 53 48 27 70, our home page, or through the library app «Bibliofil».
  • I you do not comply with the lending periods you will be charged an overdue fine. Currently the fine is kr 25,- per notice for borrowers over 14 years. When the total fines reach kr 100,- the library card will be blocked untill the fines are paid. After the 3rd overdue notice you will receive a bill for the items still outstanding on your card.
  • Nb!: Special opening hours during public holidays and school holiday periods.

Meirope bibliotek

Somewhere to be, read, use the internet, meet friends, do your homework, read the paper, find information and of course borrow and return library materials.

Gain access to the library during unmanned hours as well. This opportunity is open to everyone over 16 years old. Sign a contract and you will have access to the library every day of the year between the hours 08.00 and 22.00.

Please note: The staff will be present during some of these hours doing office work. Therefore if you need assistance, please visit during normal, manned opening hours.

Sign the contract and return it to a meber of the staff, this then enables you to have access to the library outside normal, manned opening hours. You will gain access by slotting your library card into the card reader by the entrance door and typing in your pin code. As you enter, a photograph will be taken of you. Please note that the library is also covered by CCTV.